Ratsy's, Squished Under a Train CD, circa 1995

Ratsy's, Squished Under a Train CD, circa 1995

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For those of you that know about me and my store, you may not have known about all the things I did in my past. One of those things was to be a professional singer/songwriter from 1987-2000.

This CD, squished under a train©, is the 2nd of 3 CDs I put out. It is a studio recording from 1995 shortly after winning the Acoustic Underground Competition.

I since moved to Ohio, opened a little store and haven't performed in more than a decade. No interest to do so, but I still have several boxes of CDs, which I thought perhaps you would enjoy listening to... plus, since I have been shut down due to coronavirus... I could use some money. Thanks!!!

Ratsy's, squished under a train, 1995

1) if you're not dead
2)the boy that loved me
3)margy nairs her forarms
4)fairytales on my brain
5)she says it's late
6)light up the briquettes
7)whales and religion
8)grandma song
9)don't judge the herd
10)who are you now
11)just because you're you
13)love me

I started out singing in the sidewalks & subways of Cambridge and Boston, MA and then moved up to singing in clubs, coffeehouses. In 1995 I entered a singing competition called the Acoustic Underground and won best Female singer. I later went on to be nominated for the Boston Music Awards.

I just found this web page that discusses my singing career... https://www.harvardsquare.com/history/historical-sites/club-47/

"One that is perhaps the quintessential modern example of Harvard Square’s folk charm is Ratsy. Born in Michigan, Ratsy attended college, earned her cosmetology license, and then moved to Boston to become a singer. She sang underground in the subway for 3-4 years until her friend encouraged her to enter the now-defunct Acoustic Underground Competition, a national singer/songwriter competition in Boston, where she was named Best Female Performer. She has put out three CDs (The Subway Songstress Years (1992), Squished Under a Train (1995), and Flowery Swimsuit: The Live Album (2000)), and her first album was nominated for the Boston Music Awards.

Ratsy played The Nameless Coffeehouse and was a regular at Club Passim while touring the folk music scene in Boston. In fact, her final gig in Boston, before moving to California to pursue an acting career was at Club Passim. Since moving to the West Coast, Ratsy has appeared in several television commercials and an episode of the show Gilmore Girls.

Ratsy is just one, though certainly a dramatic example, of the continuation of the music culture of Harvard Square that was started at Club 47 and continued with both The Nameless Coffeehouse and The House of Blues. While some of the greatest artists of a generation got their start in Harvard Square more than 50 years ago, new and different artists continue to perform on the same stages that saw the birth of American musical icons."

As prepared by:
Gavin W. Kleespies, Executive Director Cambridge Historical Society.
Katie MacDonald, Intern Cambridge Historical Society.